Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will include a consultation, rectal exam, and initial treatment of your condition followed by a treatment plan. If banding is recommended, you will be shown how the procedure works and we’ll discuss your questions. Banding may be started on your second visit. Most people average three banding visits along with a follow up. Banding sessions take no more than 20 minutes each.

No preparation or fasting is needed before treatment, nor do you need to bring a driver. We do encourage you to eat a well-balanced meal before your treatment visits.

After the Hemorrhoid Procedure

After a hemorrhoid banding procedure, patients can immediately return to daily activities but are asked to refrain from vigorous activities for the remainder of the day.

  • You may experience a sense of pressure in the rectum for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not bear down while using the toilet; if you cannot empty your bowel, simply re-visit the toilet at a later time.
  • A warm sitz bath is useful for cleansing the area after every bowel movement until the area heals.
  • Avoid constipation by eating a high fiber diet and/or take two tablespoons of natural wheat bran, natural oat bran, flax, Benefiber or any over the counter fiber supplement with 7-8 glasses of water.
  • Do not put anything inside your rectum for two weeks: No suppositories, enemas, fingers or devices.
  • Keep moving. Get up and walk around every couple of hours while awake; tighten your buttock muscles 10-15 times every two hours and take 10-15 deep breaths every 1-2 hours.