What is infrared coagulation (IRC)?

Infrared coagulation (IRC) is a non-surgical treatment for hemorrhoids that uses heat to coagulate (clot)  the veins to cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid.

It’s painless and relatively quick with virtually no recovery time. It’s considered up to 95% effective for relieving your symptoms.

What to expect with infrared coagulation

Infrared coagulation doesn’t require a hospital stay. It can often take place in your doctor’s office.

During the procedure, your doctor uses a tool that emits heat with infrared light. The heat will coagulate (clot) the blood which will cause the vein to close off and shrink.

The procedure is relatively painless, all you’ll feel is a few bursts of warmth. To completely treat your condition, you may need to return for three or four more treatments over a few months. Once this is complete, the source of hemorrhoids should be gone.

Common conditions requiring infrared coagulation

Hemorrhoid coagulation works best when the veins are sticking out and are easy to see.

Doctors often require it as a treatment for people who can’t tolerate anesthesia or experience a lot of pain with this condition. After this treatment, doctors also recommend you greatly increase the fiber in your diet, exercise at least 30 minutes every day, and drink plenty of water. Having a healthy lifestyle can help with your medical conditions.

Infrared Coagulation (IRC) in Scottsdale

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